October 30, 2016

8 Weeks to Veganism??

I've been contemplating this choice for a year or so now. I feel like I'm constantly battling myself when it comes to my health and eating habits. I have found that the only diets that actually produce results are highly restrictive ones, but the problem is, I can't maintain them. I'll stay on the diet for a few weeks before I get really bored and binge eat on ALLLLL the junk food. I feel like a TOTAL lifestyle change WITH a healthy restriction may work for me.

Soo..... I'm going to try to transition into a vegetarian then a vegan diet in 8 weeks!! I'm not going to beat myself up if I'm not a perfect little vegan at the end of the 8 weeks, but I'm hoping this will be the push I need to get my health and eating problems on track. Each week I will shoot for a new goal and at the end of the 2 months, I will evaluate and adjust anything that became an issue on my journey.

Week 1: Eat remaining meat products in my home while NOT buying any new meat, dairy, or egg products. 
Week 2: Cut out direct milk and cheese. 
Week 3: Eat 1/2 plate of vegetables at every meal.
Week 4: Cut out all meat.
Week 5: Cut out hidden dairy and egg in processed/packaged food. 
Week 6: Create a go-to cookbook with vegetarian/vegan meals, snacks, and desserts.
Week 7: Swap out beauty and household items with natural alternatives. 
Week 8: Evaluate progress and success. Fix any problem areas. 

*Can "cheat" for holidays only
*Must drink at least 3 bottles of water daily
*Walk at least 1 mile a day

I will update you guys with my progress on December 1st which will be the halfway mark. Let's hope things go well and this is something I can actually stick too. CROSSING MY FINGERS!!

June 21, 2016

Orange is the New Black Season 4 Review

First, let me start off by saying this review does contain SPOILERS and my own personal opinion about the new season. If you will be offended by either one then please stop reading here!

Now for the people that are still with me, I would like to say that I was greatly offended and disappointed by OITNB season 4. I was so excited to finally see how the new budget cuts an influx of new inmates would change Litchfield but it seems like this season spiraled down a racist, sexist rabbit hole that was borderline traumatizing. 

I'm not sure if the intent of this season was to expose the prison industry and really shed light on American social issues or to inspire the "wow/shock" factor and boost ratings.. either way, this season didn't sit right with me. Let's see, Piper starts a white supremacy group that targets everyone. Piper also tips the guards off to an illegal business (that she started) which ended up in the Hispanic population being harassed. Sofia gets sent to solitary confinement for getting jumped while Judy King gets the royal treatment and 24/7 security. Caputo and MCC turn their cheeks while the guards constantly discriminate and mistreat the inmates. A huge light was shed on how mental illness is treated in the legal system. Then the icing on the cake, the final episodes is a portrayal of police brutality on a nonviolent, non-threatening black inmate Poussey that leads to her death. When they finally announce the incident, it's to protect the guard. WTFFFF?! 

It did not seem like this season had too many happy moments. Something offensive was either said or done at every twist and turn. Some characters brought a bit of light to the season but were ultimately flushed out by racist, ignorant, and violent darkness. 

I truly hope the is a huge moral turnaround in the next season because if not then I don't think my heart will be able to take it. 

What did you think about season 4?? 

May 12, 2016


I've lost my way and I don't know how to get back
I started off leaving breadcrumbs but somehow I lost track
They say getting lost is all the rage
But most days I feel like a story with a missing page
Just a beginning and some distorted countdown to my demise
Never knowing what time is, just how it flies
Reminiscing on the lies, wondering eyes, and never being that wise
Tears shed and muffled cries
Oh, how I despise
Getting lost, losing my way
Gone without a trace, not even a sound
But do I even want to be found?

-Dianna M.

March 16, 2016

Advice: Prioritize Your Life!!

Ok, as crazy as Brittany Renner's Snapchat is, she made a really good point today. Long story short, she said that women place men too high on their priority list in life when they really shouldn't be that high. Yeaaahhhh I know most women's' goal is to get married, have children, and live a cookie cutter life. But let's be REALLY REAL here... these days that's not always how it goes. No longer are the times where women get married fresh out of high school/college, have kids a year or two later, get a house,  and are perfectly settled by 30. Some are lucky enough to find that but it's not today's true reality.

I'm not saying, go out and be a complete savage in your dating life, but stop planning your life around finding Prince Charming. Sometimes taking a step back to think about what you TRULY want in life is the best way to go. I'm doing this right now as I type. What does Dianna really want in life? This can be right now or in the long run but it's easier to think about things in the present and near future tense. I've been so caught up in thinking that having a guy by my side will set everything in motion and my life will be perfect. Unfortunately, I've dated a few different guys (which all failed) and the fact that remains is: I STILL HAVE TO GET MY OWN SHIT TOGETHER!!! I still have to accomplish my own goals and I still have to look out for my own best interest. I say all this because, a guy may come, stay, or go in your life but at the end of the day the things you want in life should not change. You should NEVER compromise the things you want for yourself because of other people.

February 29, 2016

Becoming a Morning Person & Increase Productivity

Lately my sleep schedule has been AAAALLLLLL over the place and because of this I don't feel as productive as I could be. I am NOT a morning person, but for school and work I wake up relatively early. However, I compensate for waking up early by taking naps when I get home. Then I end up staying up late and thus the cycle continues SMH!

I've always envied the people that can hop out of bed at the crack of dawn and just be so popping every day. They seem so full of energy and I feel so blehhhh. So what is their secret?? THERE MUST BE A SECRET!!! Plot twist... there isn't. The same "secret" behind losing weight, getting good grades in school, and anything else in life is motivation and consistency. Starting next week (after the music festival lol) I plan to get my schedule back on track and get more things done during the day instead of dwelling on how tired I am. 

Set a bedtime. Knowing what time I need to go to bed every night to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep is essential. For me, this time will usually be 11pm. Setting a bed time is important for the rest of these tips. If you go to bed whenever you pass out then you are already setting yourself up for failure. 

Have a night routine. At least 1 hour before you bedtime, turn off all your electronics and lights and start your routine. I plan to light some candles and listen to soft, soothing music while I do my skincare routine. A routine allows for your brain to start settling down and prepare for bed. When you stare into a screen or have bright lights on your brain feels it still needs to be alert and it will be that much harder for you to fall asleep. Also, if you are a snooze person, put your alarm/phone on the opposite side of your bed. That way you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. 

Make a morning routine. I usually set my alarm for 2 hours before I have to leave. If you can wake up the same time every day then you are ahead of the game!! When I wake up I HAVE to take a shower and wash my face. Then I'll make my breakfast and write a to-do list for the day. Planning your day is great for knowing what you need to accomplish and keeps you motivated to not slack off. After eating, I will get dressed, grab my things, and be out the door. For some, a morning routine may include working out which is great for a morning jolt! 

Comment below if you're a morning person or a night owl? If you're a morning person what are the things you do to wake up early and be productive?? 

February 16, 2016

Tips for 1st Music Festival !!

Last week I officially decided that I wanted to cross off one of my bucketlist items and go to a music festival. Of course Coachella would have been ideal, but a sister is working on a budget!! I decided to go to the Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival instead. At first I planned to go alone since it didn't seem like anyone else wanted to go but then my sister said she wanted to go so BOOM!! 

This will be the first music festival we have ever been to so I've been doing a crazy amount of research on what to bring, what to wear, and overall tips. Here are the top tips I found if you are attending your first music festival. 

  1. Save money and purchase tickets early!!!!!
  2. Review the maps, rules, and performance times before you attend
  3. Decide if you're camping or staying in a hotel and plan accordingly
  4. Prepare for any weather occassion 
  5. Plan and pack your outfits ahead of time (make sure they are super comfy)
  6. Bring portable cell phone chargers and/or walkie talkies 
  7. Set a meet up place and time
  8. Look up unknown artists that you may want to see
  9. Bring: sunscreen, water containers, sweaters, hats, electric fans, cash, mini backpack, etc
After I go shopping I will upload a mini lookbook of my outfits! Let me know if any of you have ever been to a music festival and any extra tips you have!! 

January 04, 2016

Becoming a Minimalist

stuff stuff stuff stuff STUFFFFFFF!!! 
I feel like we live with too much stuff. Feel the need to keep buying this stuff then somehow convince ourselves that we paid for it, therefore, we need to keep this stuff. My goal for 2016 is to become a Minimalist. 

I am by no means an expert on Minimalism and do not plan to completely throw everything I have away and live off the lands or some shit lol. But I do want to declutter and downsize my living.

About a month ago I realized I buy a lot of stuff with the intent of using it but without fail, it ends up either left in the bag for weeks or used once and forgotten. Given I'm a broke college student, I can't afford to keep wasting money on impulse buys. Also, practicing minimalism will help me really see which things I use regularly and which things I don't. 

After doing my research, I realized there are different degrees of Minimalism. You can become a minimalist mentally, physically, and artistically. I want to become a physical and mental minimalist but not to the complete extreme if that makes sense. I watched many videos from minimalist Rachel Aust and a few others and their #1 tip is that "you do NOT have to own nothing, you just have to own less."  

Once I declutter and organize my room and kitchen I will make an updated post on my tips for letting go and starting fresh. I know this will be hard for me because I am sort of a hoarder lol. But it's only the first week of January so why not start off the new year with a clean slate and new mindset!! 

January 01, 2016

2016 New Year's Resolutions

Once again I feel like this year flew by. I truly don't know what happened but oh well... I welcome a new year. Last year was cool and was just the kick I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I tried new things, started a new school, moved out, etc. I'm hoping that with this new year I become even more adventurous and start living life instead of just existing. I have the cliche resolutions of losing X pounds and being healthy, but I don't want to include that here. Life doesn't start when you lose weight or fit a certain size. It happens regardless, so here are my REAL goals for 2016 and I plan to check EVERY SINGLE ONE off by December!!  

Travel to at least 1 new place
Plan and go on a mini road trip with friends
Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA

Graduate in December
Double my savings account
Obtain a full-time job after my internship
Say YES to risks/new opportunities
Be nicer to people

Happy New Year everyone!! I Hope you reach all of your goals and have a blessed year! 

December 20, 2015

2015 Reflections: Hits & Misses

Every year I like to reflect on the past 365 days and identify my highs and lows. This year has been a rollercoaster for sure!! Even with the bad, I still think this year was amazing and soooooo much better than 2014! Below are a few of my hits and misses for 2015! 

  • I transferred to University of South Florida
  • Completed the first semester of my BSW with all A's
  • Moved out of my family home into an apartment
  • Quit the job I hated
  • Started dating an amazing guy
  • Wore a 2-piece on Summer vacation
  • Switched up my look and experimented with different styles
  • Stayed pretty organized and kept my room clean
  • Did not participate in as many school events as I wanted to 
  • Gained back some of the weight I lost
  • Didn't manage my money that well
  • I didn't try that many new things

Comment below with a few of your hits and misses of 2015! 

October 18, 2015

Living Life & Feeling Good!

Confidence and control are two powerful forces that can greatly influence your life. 

I feel like I have progressed so much in both areas of my life. It's been forever since the last time I blogged so here's a little update...
  1. I finished my first semester of university and got into/started my Bachelors program
  2. I moved out of my parent's house and into an apartment with a roommate
  3. I quit the job I hated and started working with my Grandmother
  4. I celebrated my 23rd birthday and it was AWESOME!!
  5. I started dating this guy I met on my birthday and so far it's going well. 
For almost a year I seriously dreaded waking up in the morning and having to go about my day like everything was fine. I battled with confidence 24/7 and felt I had no control over the things going on. It took sooooo much for me to snap out of that phase of my life and now I feel so amazing. I can't say I don't struggle with insecurities or anxiety here and there. And I can't say that I'm productive every single day.. but I can say that I'm finally in a place that feels just plain ol GOOD

I don't know for sure what truly helped get me out of that vicious cycle but I do believe moving out and taking control of my life is a big part of it. Living with my family wasn't a big issue but I didn't feel like I was making any progress in my life by staying there. Moving out was probably the best decision because now I'm not depending on my parents and finally feel like an adult. I can come and go as I please, only have to worry about one other person, relax without being bothered, and completely control my environment. I FREAKING LOVE IT!! 

As far as confidence goes, I believe that doing the things I really wanted to do like move out and quit the job I hated boosted my confidence so much. I now feel more confident in the decisions I make to better my life. Being on top of my shit helps so much as well. When I have productive days I feel on top of the world. That sense of accomplishment can do so much for your confidence because you KNOW you got your shit done. 

I hope I can continue to gain more confidence and control and hopefully it spills over into other areas of my life too. My advice to anyone feeling like their confidence and sense of control is not up to par is to stop over analyzing everything and just act! Cross off your to-do list before you go to sleep, make those important decisions, and have faith that you're making the right decision!