February 16, 2016

Tips for 1st Music Festival !!

Last week I officially decided that I wanted to cross off one of my bucketlist items and go to a music festival. Of course Coachella would have been ideal, but a sister is working on a budget!! I decided to go to the Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival instead. At first I planned to go alone since it didn't seem like anyone else wanted to go but then my sister said she wanted to go so BOOM!! 

This will be the first music festival we have ever been to so I've been doing a crazy amount of research on what to bring, what to wear, and overall tips. Here are the top tips I found if you are attending your first music festival. 

  1. Save money and purchase tickets early!!!!!
  2. Review the maps, rules, and performance times before you attend
  3. Decide if you're camping or staying in a hotel and plan accordingly
  4. Prepare for any weather occassion 
  5. Plan and pack your outfits ahead of time (make sure they are super comfy)
  6. Bring portable cell phone chargers and/or walkie talkies 
  7. Set a meet up place and time
  8. Look up unknown artists that you may want to see
  9. Bring: sunscreen, water containers, sweaters, hats, electric fans, cash, mini backpack, etc
After I go shopping I will upload a mini lookbook of my outfits! Let me know if any of you have ever been to a music festival and any extra tips you have!! 


  1. I've never been to a music festival, but I think I may attend the Jazz Fest this year in New Orleans since I'll also be there for the Collision Tech Conference. So I'll definitely keep these tips in mind. (:

    1. Awesome!! Sounds like fun. Let me know how it goes and I hope my tips do help! Thanks for commenting!


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