March 16, 2016

Advice: Prioritize Your Life!!

Ok, as crazy as Brittany Renner's Snapchat is, she made a really good point today. Long story short, she said that women place men too high on their priority list in life when they really shouldn't be that high. Yeaaahhhh I know most women's' goal is to get married, have children, and live a cookie cutter life. But let's be REALLY REAL here... these days that's not always how it goes. No longer are the times where women get married fresh out of high school/college, have kids a year or two later, get a house,  and are perfectly settled by 30. Some are lucky enough to find that but it's not today's true reality.

I'm not saying, go out and be a complete savage in your dating life, but stop planning your life around finding Prince Charming. Sometimes taking a step back to think about what you TRULY want in life is the best way to go. I'm doing this right now as I type. What does Dianna really want in life? This can be right now or in the long run but it's easier to think about things in the present and near future tense. I've been so caught up in thinking that having a guy by my side will set everything in motion and my life will be perfect. Unfortunately, I've dated a few different guys (which all failed) and the fact that remains is: I STILL HAVE TO GET MY OWN SHIT TOGETHER!!! I still have to accomplish my own goals and I still have to look out for my own best interest. I say all this because, a guy may come, stay, or go in your life but at the end of the day the things you want in life should not change. You should NEVER compromise the things you want for yourself because of other people.

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  1. I love this. The graphic is so true as with any goal! :) I was one of those strangely lucky kids who met her hubby in HS. But hey, we both went to college (same place) and did our own thing. We did things on our timeline, and have encouraged each other's individual goals and dreams all along. I think for people who aren't in this situation it is absolutely correct to work on your own stuff, and get some things figured out. If you end up with someone along the way, that's all fine and good. But it's important to let your other goals happen too! Love this. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! XO - Alexandra

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