June 21, 2016

Orange is the New Black Season 4 Review

First, let me start off by saying this review does contain SPOILERS and my own personal opinion about the new season. If you will be offended by either one then please stop reading here!

Now for the people that are still with me, I would like to say that I was greatly offended and disappointed by OITNB season 4. I was so excited to finally see how the new budget cuts an influx of new inmates would change Litchfield but it seems like this season spiraled down a racist, sexist rabbit hole that was borderline traumatizing. 

I'm not sure if the intent of this season was to expose the prison industry and really shed light on American social issues or to inspire the "wow/shock" factor and boost ratings.. either way, this season didn't sit right with me. Let's see, Piper starts a white supremacy group that targets everyone. Piper also tips the guards off to an illegal business (that she started) which ended up in the Hispanic population being harassed. Sofia gets sent to solitary confinement for getting jumped while Judy King gets the royal treatment and 24/7 security. Caputo and MCC turn their cheeks while the guards constantly discriminate and mistreat the inmates. A huge light was shed on how mental illness is treated in the legal system. Then the icing on the cake, the final episodes is a portrayal of police brutality on a nonviolent, non-threatening black inmate Poussey that leads to her death. When they finally announce the incident, it's to protect the guard. WTFFFF?! 

It did not seem like this season had too many happy moments. Something offensive was either said or done at every twist and turn. Some characters brought a bit of light to the season but were ultimately flushed out by racist, ignorant, and violent darkness. 

I truly hope the is a huge moral turnaround in the next season because if not then I don't think my heart will be able to take it. 

What did you think about season 4?? 

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