January 17, 2015

College Files: University Life

I posted in my 2014 Hits & Misses that I finally completed my AA at my local Community College and have now started going to an University!!

I started last week and to be honest my thoughts about transferring were bitter sweet. At first I was overly excited about finally being able to go to an university (I was kind of bummed out when I didn't go as a freshman). But, I was also hella nervous and still am to be honest. Transferring from a school of a few thousand people to about 40,000 people is drastic for a shy gal such as myself. Being on a huge campus is like being in a new city.

On the first day I got lost 3 times lol. Note to self: NEVER try to "find your way back" to anything. You WILL get lost. I got lost going to my first and 2nd class. Then on my way back to my car I walked almost 3 miles out of the way because of these 2 identical parking garages smh. I rounded the corner thinking, "oh my car is just on the other side!" Boy was I wrong!! My 2nd class was so freaking cramped and hottttt. I almost dropped the class. Why the hell are we paying thousands of dollars in tuition to be in a small ass classroom with no AC?? What is my money going to? Someone please tell me! Unfortunately I couldn't find another class to replace it so I kept it. I don't regret it so much now because my prof is pretty chill/funny and the class is actually interesting... go figure!

One thing I have noticed about university is the workload is reeeettaarrrddeeedddd. Like damn can I at least find my way around before I'm swamped with work?? Apparently not because by day 2 I was suppose to have read the first chapter of all of my textbooks and taken notes. I know, I know, I'm an adult and should be on top of this shit. Plus this is college in general. Nobody is there to hold your hand so I have to get with it. Blehhhh we shall see how this all plays out because I'm terrible with time management when it comes to certain things. However, in less than 2 years I will finally be graduating with my Bachelor's degree and home free!!


  1. You will make it to that finish line girl!& when you do you should throw ahuge party . lol & yes that hot class is a shame. Every class I've been in at HCC has been roomy and cool air circulating. USF should be on some next level classy shit with all the money they get.

    1. OMG girl thats a good idea!! I will throw a "im done with this shit" partayyy. You'd think we'd get a glass of wine and some snacks with all the money we pay for a single class but nah.. we get hot sweaty ball classrooms :(


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