January 01, 2015

2015 New Year's Resolutions!!!

First I'd like to say.... HAPPY NEW YEARRRR!!! I wish nothing but happiness, love, peace, and prosperity to everyone!!

OMG this year flew by! I can't even tell you where it went. Last week I looked at my 2014 Resolutions and was surprised to see that I completed all of them except 2. Woot woot!! I seriously think that's a first lol. Of course I have to make a new list for 2015 but I'm going to try not to be cliche. I have a few that have carried over from previous years but I really want 2015 to be my "Grown Woman" year if that makes sense. This year I plan to do EVERYTHING I've been too scared and/or lazy to do baby! LET'S GET IT!

~My 2015 Resolutions~

Start a Hobby That Profits
This year I really want to start/maintain a hobby that I can profit from. I think people should always have more than one source of income especially if you are in that area in your life where you are trying to become more independent. Plus I think it will be fun to be occupied with something else other than work or school. 

Be Healthier & Stick to a Workout Schedule
I'm officially down 12 pounds. Not much but it is progress. I noticed I only lost that weight when I combined working out and eating healthier. I have the eating part down pretty well so far (I do cave sometimes though lol) but I'm terrible about keeping up with a workout schedule. I made too many excuses in 2014 and plan to change that in the new year. 

Be More Organized & Stop Procrastinating
Smh 2014 was a huge unorganized mess. If I wasn't losing some important paperwork I was looking through a pile of clothes on my floor for my favorite jeans. I'm sure everyone knows the struggle but enough is enough for me. I have already started organizing things and hope to continue/maintain an organized life which goes hand-in-hand with not allowing myself to procrastinate. If I tackle my procrastinating I won't have much to constantly organize lol

Save Money & Move Out
This is one of the two goals that I failed on in 2014. I did maintain a constant amount in my account which I'm proud of but I didn't save enough to move out. This year I promise myself I'm going to save save save and move move move. It's time to be a GROWN WOMAN!

Maintain Good Grades in School
Pretty self-explanatory but still really important. I'm transferring to a university in less than 2 week. I already know the workload is going to be wayyyyy more than I'm use to but I'm up for the challenge and plan to maintain a 3.0 or higher. 

Get a Dramatic Makeover
Along with getting healthier and fitter, I'd like to change up my look. I haven't decided yet what that change will be but oh baby it's coming! 

Be On Top of My Schedule
I don't know any other way to word it but basically I want to be more consistent with my healthcare if that makes sense. The only doctor I saw this year was my dentist and that was to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I completely failed to do my regular checkups. 2015 I plan to schedule my appointments in advance and stick to the suggested schedule of when I should get followups. If I'm going to be serious about being healthier I might as well go full force!

That wraps up my 2015 New Year's Resolutions. I am crossing my fingers that I continue to make progress in all areas of my life and cross this list off with the quickness. :)

What are a few of your 2015 Resolutions??


  1. I knew all of these already except for the makeover one lol i just asked you about that. im being creepy right now. lol

    1. hahahha girl just like old times when we'd have like 3 conversations going on with different messaging platforms lol


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