February 12, 2014

Buying an Elliptical Machine????

Time to get REALLY real and be honest with myself. I finally realized that I will not lose any weight if I don't start doing cardio. I know that's a "well durrrr" moment but I'm making a change now by buying an elliptical machine!! I'm super excited because during my gym days the elliptical was the main machine I used. So now with getting the elliptical AND doing my February Fitness Challenge (which is all resistance) I should have a kick ass body by the Summer. Wooo Wooo let's get it craacckkkinnn :)


  1. When are you getting the machine?
    I want to start working on 3 times a week soon.. I need to get my life in order first though lol.
    i'm getting close! I need to organize my house & get everything organized! Then i'll probably have time. I know you feel me on that one!

    1. tomorrow hopefully. I found someone selling it for the cheap so my mom and I are going tomorrow to check it out and get it. Girl I feel you 100%.. when you're not organized n stuff its hard to workout because you're constantly thinking bout 5000000 other things to do instead. but honestly I'm going to put it in front of my tv and workout when im watching my shows!


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