February 09, 2014

Update: Love & Fitness

Let's talk about loveeee babbyyyy lol. Ok yeah in my Love Woes post I talked about this guy that I've been seeing for 2 years.. well honey buns, that is all over! Nothing crazy happened, he just really let me down and it finally hit me that I'm better than all that! Every woman deserves a guy that knows her worth and treats her right. Him letting me down was the final nail in the coffin. So I gave it a few days to really think about the situation and decided that I don't need that or him in my life anymore. If someone isn't putting as much into a relationship either friendly or romantic, it's time to pack your bags and MOVE ON! Yesterday I deleted his phone number, texts, etc out of my phone and thank goodness I didn't remember his phone number (makes it easier not to lonely text him). I can't say I'm not sad or secretly hoping he will pull this huge surprise out of his ass and show me he's serious, but I'm also realistic and know that won't happen so the best thing to do is just keep moving forward without him. Thankfully I have AMAZING friends including my bff Miya (Miyaloves.Blogspot.Com) who got me to come partay last night which made me feel so much better! Thanks girl!! <3

For my February Fitness Challenge update, I completed the challenge for 5 out of the first 8 days so far. It is getting easier to wake up and just do the little workout routine. I also add extra sets or new workouts to it if I'm really trying to feel the burn. Like I said in the post, this challenge is just a starting point to get my motivation up and to start actually WANTING to workout in my system. 

How is everyone else doing on their weight loss/health challenges? 


  1. It sounds like you are doing good without him. I am trying to stay away from too much carbs right now. Stay strong!

    1. Thanks for the support!!! I'm trying to not focus so much attention on him and so far it is going pretty well. how is the low carbs going?


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