March 15, 2015

My Favorite Spring Things


Not going to lie, Spring is my least favorite season. Something about birds chirping constantly, lizards running amok, and pollen errrywhere annoys me. However, it's not all bad and I don't hate everything lol. Here are a few of my favorite Spring things! 

Pastel nail polishes.Movies.Girly dresses.Combat boots.Fruit Smoothies.Colorful flowers.Nude lippies.Heiress Perfume.

Comment  below with a few of your favorite Spring things!


  1. Girl don't be hating on spring!
    I love the nature: flowers, green stuff.
    The weather is warm but not like middle of florida summer blistering hot.
    Nice breeze

  2. I gotta say I love brighter nail polishes as well, being able to exercise outside without freezing to death, and light jackets because NY winters are harsh. Love the blog so far.


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