December 16, 2014

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts Ideas

For all you Secret Santa shoppers out there, this post is for you!! This year my family and I decided to do Secret Santa. I wanted to show you guys which gifts I choose for everyone but silly me wrapped up half of them before I decided to make this post. Woopsy! Anyway, last year I made a Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas post where I broke down my gift giving guide by personality type. This year I decided to break it down by age group because in most Secret Santa situations you know very little about the person you're buying for. I felt like this way I covered all the bases by suggesting great gift ideas for you giftee's age. If you'd like to check out last year's gift ideas click [here]

Older Women
  • DIY kit
  • Personalized gifts/jewelry
  • Body lotion set
  • Interesting kitchen appliances
  • Creative cookbooks
  • Movies/books
  • Customized CD/play list
  • Gift card to spa
  • DIY spa basket
  • Cozy blanket, socks/slippers, and PJ set
  • Great books
Older Men
  • Tools/tool box
  • Fishing equipment
  • Sporting goods
  • Cool electronic gadgets
  • Guitar/ instruments
  • Cool briefcase
  • PJ set/ Robe
  • Watch
  • Car accessories
Young ladies
  • Gift cards to clothing stores
  • Ipod/ipod accessories
  • Cute intimates
  • PJ set with cute socks
  • Romantic movies/books
  • Makeup/beauty supplies
  • Victoria's secret gift set
  • Handbags/scarves/cute accessories
  • Comfy sweaters
  • Boots :)
  • Art supplies
  • Music albums (Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown)
  • Cute cell phone accessories
Young Fellas
  • Video games (NBA 2k15, COD Advance Warfare, Assassin's Creed, Destiny)
  • Video game accessories (headphones, mics, controllers) 
  • Pjs/boxers/cute sweats
  • Sporting Goods
  • Pizza parlor gift cards
  • Xbox live gift cards
  • Music (J.Cole album, Spotify subscription)
  • Event tickets (games, comedy shows, concerts)
  • Weird gadgets
  • Funny gag gifts
  • Car accessories
  • Beats/ Skull Candy headphones or speakers

  • Barbie/Bratz Dolls
  • Disney Frozen Toys
  • Superhero action figures (Ninja Turtles, Superman, Batman, Hulk, etc)
  • Kid friendly instruments 
  • Art sets
  • MP3 player/Ipod/mixed CD
  • Games (video or board)
  • Interactive books
  • Stuffed animals
  • Popular kids movies (Frozen, Wrecking Ralph, Finding Nemo, Cars, Ninja Turtles)
  • Kid beauty products/sets
  • Cheap low maintenance pet (with parent approval)
I hope you guys have found this post helpful!! Comment below with what you're giving your Secret Santa or what you are wishing they get you!!

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