October 14, 2014

Challenge: Trying New Things

Do you ever feel like your days are fading into the next? One day its Monday the next its Thursday and you didn't even realize it? I have been feeling like this a lot lately. I feel like I have the same routine day in and day out that I don't even notice what day it is. Last week I decided to do something different!

First, I went to a painting class and had a BLASSSTTT! Omg It was so much fun! I saw an ad for the class on Facebook actually and was like, "Hey, why not?" and signed up. I was in a class with about 8 other people. The instructor teaches us step by step how to make the painting of the night. We can drink wine, eat food, and chit chat while painting which made the vibe of the class really chill and fun. I got to talk to different people about art and life. I think I will definitely take the class once a month just to have something fun and relaxing to do. It is depressing to do the same things day after day. It's nice to get out of my element every once in a while, meet new people, and have fun doing something I love.

Second, I went to USF's Homecoming carnival with one of my besties! I'm really glad she invited me because I definitely would have passed on the opportunity to drink a little bit, ride some rides, play carnival games, eat hella junk food lol, and see TI perform! What made the experience even more special is I just found out I got accepted there too!! So it was nice to get a mini tour of the school and scope out the scene.

Lastly, I started a new diet and challenged my family to a weight loss competition!! I KNOW I'm going to win. I will make another post about the diet I'm on. It's nothing too crazy and so far I'm loving it.

My challenge to all of you is to do something you REALLY LOVE this month and make it a monthly thing. Break out of that same ol routine and live it uppp!!


  1. This is a great idea, your smile is so lovely

    1. Thank you hun!! Truly appreciate the love :)


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