August 12, 2014

Wisdom Teeth Removal & Videos?

Hey everyone!
Sorry for being M.I.A lately. I got my wisdom teeth removed and been in too much of a blahhh mood to really blog or anything. Plus my face looked like I could audition for The Nutty Professor ughhhhh!! Anyway, my face is almost back to normal and I'm feeling much better. I want to do a series of Back To School posts but I really want to do them in video. If you'd like to see some Back To School videos comment below and tell me which one you want to see first!! 

B2S: Must Have Beauty Products
B2S: 3 Outfits Look Book
B2S: What's in My Bag

Let me know which one you want to see first!! 



  1. I want to see what's in your bag. I hope you feel better.

    1. Thanks for commenting boo! I actually just posted the video! :)


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