July 15, 2014

Girl Talk: Advice to My Younger Self

Do you ever reflect on your life and say, "I wish I knew this and that when I was younger?" Sometimes I do. There are sooooo many things I wish I knew during my preteen and teenage years that would have saved me a lot of time and effort. Here is some of the advice I would tell my younger self if I had the chance ranging from boys to personal hygiene. Even though I can't go back in time to tell myself the things I've learned, I can only hope that this post helps any young ladies out there that do need a little advice to go by while battling those crazy teen years!

1. Life Goes On
When you're younger it's hard to see the end of things. You tend to feel like whatever you're dealing with is soooooo bad and soooo crazy that it couldn't possibly get better. That's why my first bit of advice to my younger self is life goes on and it WILL get better. The problems you're having today won't even matter a year from now. You failed a math test or your crush is dating someone else? Grab some ice cream, a chick flick, tissues, and cry it out. Then use those tissues to dry your eyes and move on because there are bigger and BETTER things to come.

2. Don't Rush Relationships 
I know, I know, I know... It seems like everyone is coupled up right now and you're the odd one out. But don't fret my little lambs your time will come. Some middle/high school relationships last a year, most only last a few weeks or months. Trust me you're not missing out on anything spectacular. Odds are your dates will be him AND HIS MOM picking you up in her minivan and dropping you off at the movies or the mall. Then you'll either be obsessing over him all day or feeling pressured to do things you think you're ready for but really not. Just relax and enjoy the freedom and drama-free life.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Experiment
Dye your hair funky colors, try new styles, join different clubs! Your teen years are the best years to find yourself and experiment with your different likes, dislikes, and interests. Trust me, once you get older you can't rock that nose ring or orangeish blueish pinkish hair without getting fired from your job or talked about. So enjoy it now and be free. However, PLEASEEEE do not experiment with things you do not feel comfortable with. Never feel like you have to do or try anything you don't want to.

4. Always Be Prepared
I definitely had my fair share of accident in middle school where simply being prepared would have helped me out sooo much! There are too many emergencies and surprises that love to pop up for us young ladies. Always carry around with you a mini deodorant, perfume, mints/gum, pads/tampons, tissues, pain killers, and lotion. You'll always be prepared for life's little gifts of joy (ughh) and you'll always have your friend's back if they aren't prepared.

5. Take Care of Yourself
Take care of yourself mentally and physically. Don't be afraid to talk to someone about your problems if they are really bringing you down. Some things are just to heavy for a person, especially at that age, to carry on their own. Make sure you're doing things that make you happy. Being in school sucks and can definitely get depressing or stressful at times but if you use your free time to do things you love it won't feel so cray cray. Also, make sure you take care of your body. Treat your body like a car that is getting you through life. Enjoy that high metabolism and energy while you can! 

6. Make Quality Friends
Great friends are the bommmmbbbb!! I know when you're young quantity seems more important than quality. You're trying to be friends with the in crowd but honestly, forget all that. As the years pass you will see people dropping like flies and your true friends will be the only ones standing. Take the time to build strong and genuine friendships with people because they are going to be the ones that get you through the tough times and enhance your crazy fun times!! 

7. Be Happy & Be YOU!


  1. I love this post! it is so true! these young girls need to read this! im gonna share this on twitter :D

    1. Awwww thanks for sharing it girrlll! I appreciate it :)


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