January 31, 2014

February Fitness Challenge !!!!

So January has came and went and I will be honest, I did not workout oneeeeee single day of January. Isn't that a shame?? Well time to turn all that around. The months are going to fly by regardless of if I workout or not so why be depressed in the summer when I can do something about it now? 
Here is my February Workout Challenge that I created. It's very simple and serves mainly as a starting point. It takes 21 days to form a habit and there are 28 days in February which leaves 7 days to be a bum lol.

My goal is to do this little workout in the morning. It's easier to do it when you wake up than to go through your whole day then try and do it when you're tired and just want to sit down. Plus the benefits to a morning workout include: more energy for the day, kick start your metabolism, WAKES YOU UP, and just improves your mood for the day. The real kicker is you can do some of these while brushing your teeth and doing your hair so there really is no excuse not to complete this challenge!! 

If you want to join in on my February challenge then comment below and we can support and motivate each other. I will be posting my progress every Saturday.



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