December 18, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas: DIY Terrarium

This DIY project is definitely one for the plant lovers. Terrariums make great gifts for anyone that loves house plants or someone who wants to liven up their desk at work. It's pretty easy to make, fun to look at, and HARD to kill! lol :)


  • Humidity-loving house plants (African violets, cacti, succulents, etc)
  • Glass container (big enough for the plants you choose)
  • Moisture Control Soil (for regular house plants) or Cactus Palm Soil (for cacti & succulents)
  • Moss or sand
  • Pebbles or rocks
  • Decorative fake flowers, fake bugs, pebbles, etc (optional)
  1. Make a 1 inch layer of rocks at bottom of glass container (for water filtration) 
  2. Put one thin layer of moss or sand on top of rocks (prevents soil from sliding down to bottom of container)
  3. De-pot your plants and place them inside glass container (Hint: be gentle, plants break easily)
  4. Fill in moisture control or cactus palm to level of your liking and pat soil down firmly (make sure all plant roots are covered)
  5. Lightly water plants 
  6. Decorate terrarium with left over moss, rocks, pebbles, fake flowers/bugs, etc and YOU'RE DONE!
*** Make sure to include a note to the gift receiver about the maintenance of the terrarium including: watering info and sunlight info***

Final Look :)

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