June 26, 2014

For the Love of Wine

Last year I made a Wine For Beginners post detailing the differences between red and white wines. I planned to try a lot of wines and blog about them until I found my perfect one. Yeaahhh that was a bit of a fail but the good news is, I FINALLY FOUND MY FAVORITE WINES!! 

Even though I haven't been posting about them, I have been trying different wines. Some were absolutely horrible and some were the bomb diggity!! I've found out that I prefer sweet wines over dry and white wines over red. Dry wines tend to be more bitter/earthy and red wines are VERRRYYY strong! However, after many trials and errors, I found my 3 favorite wines!! :)

Chocolate Rouge - Chocolate Red Wine 


Bella Bolle - Mostcato D'Asti

Castello Del Poggio - Moscato 

All 3 wines are very sweet and delicious! The Chocolate Rouge is a chocolate flavored red wine Best served as a dessert wine. The Bella Bolle and Castello del Poggio are both Moscato white wines. They are both slightly carbonated and best served with lighter foods such as pasta and white meats. 

Try them out & let me know what you think! :)


  1. I love wine too, and you can never go wrong with Moscato. I only drink it on special occasions when I eat at Olive Garden. Wonderful stuff!

    1. I heard that Moscato D'asti is the one they serve at olive garden. It's soooo yummy! Thanks for commenting :))

  2. Omg I love wine too!! It's the most feminine drink after cocktails. I'm so curious about that chocolate wine though haha.. Whats behind that name?


    1. There's the original (front middle), sweet red (red cap), and dark red (brown cap). So far I've only tried the original. OMG its so yummmy!


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