May 27, 2014

Travels, Trials, & Tribulations

I WENT ON MY FIRST CRUISE!!!! It was sooo much fun and I'd definitely do it again. My friend and I did the 5 day cruise to the Western Caribbean for under $250!! The price also includes all you can eat 24/7 food access, room service, and entertainment. The trick to the low price is to plan for it in advance but book the ticket the week before. Our cruise-line sailed to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. OMG it was so gorgeous at both places! In the Grand Cayman we picked the Turtle Snorkeling excursion. The little turtles were so cute! I'll admit I did hyperventilate a little when I realized how deep the swimming area was smh but I sucked it up and got to take some cool underwater pics. Our tour guide was flirting with us which made it a little bit more fun too. Mexico was a little bit crazier. We missed our excursion due to the Captain not making his announcement on time, we rented a moped which I crashed into a fence, we drove around for like 2 hours trying to find the public beach and never could, we lost each other for about 30 mins, and I had to pay $160 to get the moped fixed smh!!!! I swear that was one of the most trying days OF MY LIFE!! 

Being on the cruise itself was fun but also boring. We slept in most of the days which lead to us not doing much while at sea. But to be honest, once you've explored the boat there's not much to do. The club, however, was FUN!! I got verrrryyy tipsy errry night and just had a blast. I danced with more guys those few days than ever in my life! All in all the trip got a B+.
I really wish I had planned for it better but I think I did pretty well. My advice for my future cruise-going self is to pack more club clothes and day dresses, pay for excursions in advance, do at least 3 things from the daily itinerary each day, don't waste money on the frozen drinks (just get the shots), be more social, only do a 2-4 day cruise, and get my own room. 

Trials & Tribulations 
As you can tell from above that my cruise wasn't all sugar, spice, and everything nice. Paying an additional $160 was not the business for a few scratches on a damn moped. That day in general was just a huge lesson to think things through and not do things too much on a whim. Also, I think next time if I go with friends it'd have to be more than one and I would definitely have to get my own room. Being attached to the hip with someone for 5 days gets really tiresome and annoying. You get an up close look at their true personality and it's not always pretty. Also, not being confident held me back a lot during the trip. I didn't want to parade around in my swim suit even though women and men twice my size were doing it without a second thought. Next time I will definitely wave my confidence flag high and proud! :)

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  1. It sounds all fun to me, even the not too fun parts. The airline lost our luggage when we went to Jamaica a few years ago. We spent 7 days there with only the clothes we got on the plan with, but we had fun. Kisses!

    1. OMG I would have died if that happened to me!! Did the airline compensate you in any way? And yeah I can't complain too much. Overall I had a great time. Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Oh wow!!!! Ii can't wait to go on a cruise. You're so lucky! Thanks for the tips and advice, I hope you and your friend are okay :) xox

    1. Definitely go on one!! So much fun but take my advice into consideration if you want to really maximize your experience lol. Yeah we are fine.. just had to take a little break from each other at first lol. Thank you for commenting!! :)


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