April 28, 2014

Be the BOSS!!

I think there are very few things better than being the boss of your own life. Sometimes it's hard to do that when you feel like you're constantly running around pleasing others and doing things for "the man." Every year I tell myself I'm doing to do this and that for myself but never do. Enough is enough. I'm taking control of my life because I want to ooze confidence and demand respect when I walk into a room. Plus it just feels good to know that you're doing something because you actually WANT to do it. Below I made up some helpful tips on how to take back your life and be daaaa BOSS! 

Stay In Control
  • Treat your time as money - don't procrastinate when you have important things to do
  • Keep your emotions in check - stay calm, cool, and think clearly in sticky situations
  • Know/define your business and personal relationships - don't be the winy girlfriend or the annoying employee
Respect Yourself
  • Be a good person - nobody likes a bossy asshole
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say - stick to your guns to be taken seriously
  • Cut out all the toxic people in your life - constant drama/negativity is not healthy
Get Organized
  • Get your finances in order - can't be in control if you're stressing about money
  • Clean up your living/work space - how you live is a reflection of how you think
  • Make personal and business schedules - always know what is going on in your life
Maintain Yourself
  • Make healthy choices - you won't be confident on the outside if you feel sloppy on the inside
  • Take pride in your appearance - wear what gives you the most confidence & ROCK IT!!
  • BE HAPPY - do what you love and remember to treat yourself when you need a pick-me-up

"The thing women have yet to learn is that nobody gives you power. You just take it."
~Roseanne Barr


  1. All great tips, and I love the quote too.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked the post!!


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