January 05, 2014


You know what really busts my chops? Things that don't work how you want them to. Like how do we have all this technology in the world and shit doesn't work right?? GGGGRRRRR!!! Apparently Itunes doesn't let you import music from an old ipod if the music didn't come from itunes.. ain't that a bitch??!! So now over 700 songs I had on my old itouch can't be transferred to my new itouch. THIS IS WHY I DON'T BUY APPLE PRODUCTS!!! Another frustrating thing in my life is I'm sick and I feel like this cold is never going to go away. Sheeesshhhh. I really hate being sick. There's more going on but don't even feel like typing it because I'm already so annoyed. jdjahujhiuhdihjkeqfiuujc bye!

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