December 23, 2013

Red, Green, and The Blues

Today has been a depressing day. I went to the store and was at a total loss for what to get my brother (the boy has basically everything) and the stores were a complete mess which is expected at this time. Then I planned to by myself a new purse for Christmas and was completely disappointed by the selection at 3 different stores. I'm a HUGEEEEEE purse junkie & all the purses at the stores just looked blahhh. But what really got me down is I found out it's going to take about $600 to fix the door that I broke (ughhh stupid me!!) and I don't have that kind of cheddah on me right now. :( This year Christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas. We didn't decorate, no tree up, etc. I just want this holiday season to be over and start the new year. Hopefully things will look brighter tomorrow. 

Anyone else feeling the holiday blues?

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