November 07, 2013

My Current Health & Fitness Plan

  • NO fast food
  • NO sodas
  • Must drink 48oz of water every day
  • At least one serving of fruit a day
  • At least one serving of vegetables a day
  • Must do 30 mins of cardio 4 times a week
  • Must do 30 mins of resistance 4 times a week
  • Must stretch 15 mins EVERY DAY
  • ONLY allowed ONE cheat meal a week
  • Weigh-ins on Sundays  
*I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible for myself while also allowing me to see progress


  1. Girlll.. this don't seem very simple to me. I don't think i could do it lol. because of the fact that you're limiting yourself to one cheat a week..are u gonna eat like healthy shit the rest of the week?

    1. LOL!! yeah the one cheat a week is hard. I try to be conscious of my meals though. A healthy meal to me is a well balanced meal instead of fast food or junk food like I usually eat. I should change it to one cheat day a week.. lol Cause once you eat one bad thing, you crave it the rest of the day!


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