October 08, 2013

What is a Relationship?

Is it just me or has our generations' view on relationships taken a sharrrrppp left? I understand its not like the 50s anymore with the wife in the kitchen and the husband working a 9-5 Monday - Friday. But dangg, these days you don't even know what's going on between two people. Honestly I don't even think people are in relationships anymore. If you're not completely single, you're married because "we're dating" can mean anything from "we actually want to be together" to "we mess around 3 days a week." SHEESH!

Who is to blame for all this relationship confusion? On one hand I could say men have started this fad called "no titles." Basically, you talk and act like you're in a relationship without any of the commitment. On the other hand, I could say women have accepted the "no titles" ordeal and have tricked themselves into thinking its okay to be someone's backup. But honestly, I truly blame it on people's fear of being alone, man or woman. Most people these days are so unhappy with themselves and look for anyone that will give them attentions, even if its negative. We jump from person to person to have something to do on boring Tuesday nights and we fool ourselves into thinking "this is better than being alone." But it's not! I use to be like that. Thinking if I had one guy to always run to when I'm feeling down and alone that I'd be happier. However, it didn't work out that way. I didn't realize that even though I initially agreed to this "no titles" bullshit, I'd eventually catch feelings for these guys and want more. They'd tell me no and I was stuck. Stuck because I let them have power over my feelings, because I was so unhappy alone. I'd let my heart believe it was a relationship even though my brain was screaming HELL NO!

Eventually I broke myself out of that and I now want a true, functional relationship. You first have to be content with being single and enjoy your own company. Once you can master that, you will be able to say no to these unhealthy no strings attached bullshit relations and won't settle for anything less than you deserve. It just sucks that not enough people realize this and continue no title relationships which makes it harder to actually meet someone that DOES want a serious relationship. ughh.. I'm rambling now.. lol bye :)

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