October 07, 2013

Do We Love Them Skrippas?

What is the deal with our generation's current obsession with strippers? I'm not going to lie, the ones that actually know how to dance and do pole tricks are pretty fascinating but I wouldn't dare drop hundreds of dollars on these chicks. Strippers are now being associated with being a "bad bitch" but what people fail to realize is the "bad bitch" title only applies if you're actually gaining status from stripping such as Blac Chyna, Maliah, and Amber Rose. I have nothing against strippers, do yo thanngg, but my issue lies with the young girls that aspire to be strippers and men's double standard in reference to them.

Young girls see these stylized strippers on TV and in music videos and think that's the life of an everyday stripper. BUT IT'S NOT! Ask Amber Rose how long she was stripping before she got discovered by Kanye. Ask Blac Chyna how long it took before she worked for King of Diamonds and later got engaged to Tyga.. I'm sure both of them would tell you YEARRSSS! Young girls don't realize that probably 90% of strippers stay in the same type of clubs they started at and only profit a few hundred a night considering they do have to give up a percentage to the club. If twerking is your God given skill and you have no other goals in life then fine, be a stripper. But, I really don't understand the girls that just flat out think being a stripper is the bomb.com and think this is their jackpot on being successful in life.

Now, men, men, men, men....What's up with the double standard? You go to these strip clubs, drop hundreds of dollars on girls shaking their asses in your face, but refuse to date a stripper. That makes no sense. How do you say "strippers are hoes, I could never love one" but spend sooo much money supporting their lifestyle? What really irks me with the double standard is men want girlfriends that look & act like strippers too. They see these famous strippers with their favorite rapper and assume that they deserve a chick with "lips so french, ass so spanish" and won't settle for less. Reality check, strippers look that way because that's how they make their cheddah. Yeah some are naturally blessed (ughhh lol) but most do pay for all that ass you love. You can't expect everyday women to look like strippers.

Maybe it's just me, but I really can't get down with all the fame and glory strippers get when everyday women hustle just as hard to only get half the recognition and be looked over because some of us don't have stripper ASSets.

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